Thursday, March 6, 2014

Praying for May

Less than a week after returning home from training, God brought together all of the paperwork for my Visa. It was a miracle how it all came together in just the right timing! Thank you all for praying for that.

The meeting with the consulate went smoothly, and my Visa is being processed! Praise God!

Now we wait 1-3 months for its return. Please pray with me that it would return quickly. My team and I desire that I would be in Spain at the beginning of May, so that I have a couple weeks to set my feet down before the interns arrive May 22.
All things are in order for me to go to Spain once my Visa returns. World Team’s records for monthly support indicate 98% and I’m quite certain the final percentage is in route to seal my monthly support. I have a trip to World Team headquarters at the end of March, and after that I should be good to go!

In the meantime, I hope to prepare for Spain well, make the most of my time left with family and friends, and substitute teach a little.

The good-byes and my time left is becoming very real. I dread saying good-bye and facing all that I will miss. I must cling to the Lord, that He is good, and trust Him for all that’s ahead.

Thank you for making this journey with me! I couldn’t do it alone. I'm excited to see all that God has in store for us in Spain!!

ICC Training Summary

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and encouragement as I attended training in North Carolina. It was a good month - a stretching month - but good. 

Seeing from another person's perspective
The Intercultural Communications Course focused on four different areas: Spiritual Vitality, World View, Partnering, and Language & Culture Acquisition. We learned a lot in these four areas, and ICC felt somewhat like being thrown into  a pressure cooker !

We were forced into situations and scenarios that made us uncomfortable, stressed, and annoyed. We weren’t allowed to ignore the junk that God brought to the surface.We had to “go towards that.” It was stressful and hard at times, but I am so very thankful for all that I learned and how God grew me.

I am reminded to go to Spain as a learner and a servant. I do not have the answers. I do not know best. God does and will use, not me, but team to accomplish His purposes.

Memorizing Philippians 2:1-11 during this month powerfully enforced how we are to have the attitude of a servant like Jesus did.

I praise God for all that He has done and look forward to Spain with great excitement! 

Thank you all for your prayers and faithful partnership. I am so glad God calls us into community and that together we can further His kingdom.

Praise God for:
  • An accepted Visa!!
  • His provision of support
  • His promises of love and faithfulness
  • Learning & growth during training

Ask God for:
  • A quick return on my Visa so that I may arrive in Spain at the beginning of May
  • Spanish people to come to know Jesus
  • Health 
  • All of us to be given the attitude of Jesus
  • God's strength for Kristin, my teammate in Spain, who is adjusting to her recent move to C├íceres

The team in Spain that I'm excited to join!